Surviving the Holidays


Dearest reader, do you find yourself overwhelmed during a holiday festival? Unsure whether boar or deer is suitable for a visit from the bishop? It can happen to the best of us, even the most experienced banquet planner. But fear not, for Lady Matilda is here with advice for every holiday. From All Fool’s Day costumes to giving the perfect gift to win over the heart of your sweetheart at Valentine’s, it’s here for you.


Lady Matilda’s Guide to Celebrating Easter During the Black Death

Foolish Endeavours: Lady Matilda’s Guide to All Fool’s Day Pranks

Lady Matilda’s Guide to New Year Resolutions

Lady Matilda’s Guide to Celebrating All Hallow’s Evening During the Black Death

Pitching Medieval Woo: Lady Matilda’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

From Ale to Wassail: Lady Matilda’s Guide to Surviving a Medieval Christmas

Entertaining During the Black Death: A Wife’s Guide to Meals, Mood, and Miasma


Copyright © 2019 Kelly Evans

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