Historical Fiction

Stubborn: A Greek Comedy

The women of Athens have had enough. Enough of the war, enough of the fighting, and enough of their husbands abandoning all responsibility for the glory of battle. But Lysistrata has a plan: until warfare ceases, Greek women will renounce sex. 

The women on both sides of the conflict agree, and Lysistrata and her collaborators gather at the Acropolis. But soon she’s dealing with an incredulous magistrate and the crumbling resolve of her fellow sisters, not to mention the noise from a chorus of old men and women throwing insinuating comments and insults at each other.

Can the war be stopped? Will the sexes agree? Do the old men and women stop shouting?

Read an Excerpt: Stubborn: A Greek Comedy

Available here: http://mybook.to/Stubborn

Unfinished: The Inspired Life of Elisabetta Sirani

They called her La Maestra. 

Elisabetta Sirani was a talented and prolific artist in Seventeenth Century Italy. Trained by her father, she was running his studio by the time she was sixteen and earned her first official commission the following year. Over her short career she produced more than 200 paintings, etchings, and prints, had patrons that included royalty and noble Italian families, and founded one of the first art schools in Europe exclusively for women. When she died aged only 27 of a mysterious ailment, all of Bologna mourned. 

Her fame has been eclipsed by her male counterparts, and her work often claimed as theirs. Doubted, scorned, admired, copied, and misunderstood, this is her story. 

Read an Excerpt: Unfinished: The Inspired Life of Elisabetta Sirani

Available Here: http://mybook.to/ElisabettaSirani

The Beggar Queen

The Beggar Queen takes the reader back to Merovingian France, where kings died young, mayors held all the power, and treachery wracked the land. For Bathilde, kidnapped in England and sold as a slave to an important Frankian politician, life as she knows it is over. But fate has a way of intervening…

Read an Excerpt: The Beggar Queen

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The Confessor’s Wife

In the 11th Century, when barren wives are customarily cast aside, how does Edith of Wessex not only manage to stay married to King Edward the Confessor, but also become his closest advisor, promote her family to the highest offices in the land, AND help raise her brother to the throne? And why is her story only told in the footnotes of Edward’s history?

Not everyone approves of Edward’s choice of bride. Even the king’s mother, Emma of Normandy, detests her daughter-in-law and Edith is soon on the receiving end of her displeasure. Balancing her sense of family obligation with her duty to her husband, Edith must also prove herself to her detractors.

Edward’s and Edith’s relationship is respectful and caring, but when Edith’s enemies engineer her family’s fall from grace, the king is forced to send her away. She vows to do anything to protect her family’s interests if she returns, at any cost. Can Edith navigate the dangerous path fate has set her, while still remaining loyal to both her husband and her family?

Read an excerpt: The Confessor’s Wife

Available Here

The Northern Queen

St. Brice’s Day, England, 1002. At the order of King Aethelred, thousands of Danes are murdered in a frenzy of ethnic cleansing.

Outraged, the Danish King, Sweyn Forkbeard, swears he will take Aethelred’s head. And his crown. But Sweyn needs allies. Chief amongst his supporters is Aelfgifu, an English noblewoman and head of a once great family.

She has her own reasons to hate Aethelred. And as a pagan, she is sympathetic to the Danish cause. When Aelfgifu marries Sweyn’s son, Canute, war is inevitable.

But if Aethelred is weak, his Norman Queen is not, and Emma will stop at nothing to destroy the woman at the heart of the Viking army.

Love, ambition, and revenge combine in an epic struggle for justice during the most turbulent period in England’s history.

Read an excerpt: The Northern Queen – Excerpt

Available Here

Elizabeth: Path to the Throne

When King Henry VIII executes his second wife, Anne Boleyn, for treason, the young Princess Elizabeth is left to navigate the perilous waters of the Tudor court without her mother. England is suffering the most disruptive period in its history and loyalties are ever-changing. Without support, what chance does an illegitimate girl have?

Alongside her best friend, Robert Dudley, Elizabeth grows and learns but nothing is ever straightforward, and the lessons don’t come easily. Surviving her increasingly unpredictable father, her unstable sister, and her many detractors will require strength and intelligence.

Can she overcome the obstacles placed in her way by family and fate? And who can she trust on her journey to the throne?

Read an Excerpt: Elizabeth: Path to the Throne

Available Here

Copyright Kelly Evans (2022)

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