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Monsters and Misfits

An infamous psychiatric hospital seeks revenge. An unusual encounter on a lonely road. A tongue-in-cheek tale of Tudor executioners. And a man who dreams of selling you cheese. 

For the first time ever, Evans’ short stories and poems can be found in one place. Terror, tragedy, and heartbreak with a little dark humour for flavour. Something for the monsters and misfits in us all. 

Pull up a chair, wrap yourself in a blanket, dim the lights, and let’s begin.

“A diverse collection of stories and poems lovingly crafted by the capable hands of a woman who clearly knows how to invoke the fantastical, the grotesque, the humorous, and especially the macabre.”

S. Alessandro Martinez, Bram Stoker-Nominated Author

Available here: https://mybook.to/MonstersAndMisfits

The Strange Tale of Miss Victoria Frank

Nikola Tesla, the visionary genius, is lecturing in New York City when he falls for Victoria, the mysterious young woman he sees night after night in the front row. The woman intrigues him; her curiosity is as great as his own, and her interest is wide-ranging.

But there’s something she’s hiding, a family secret so horrendous no one speaks of it. When Tesla finds out, he has a decision to make: listen to the inner voice warning him to stay away, or abandon his morality and help her with her own terrible science.

Read an Excerpt: The Strange Tale of Miss Victoria Frank

Available Here

The Mortecarni


For Brother Maurice, a monk and physician, the disease is the most terrifying he’s ever seen. But Maurice soon learns of an even more deadly threat: the exanimate Mortecarni. After his first unexpected encounter with the creatures, Maurice is pulled into a world of savagery and secrecy. As he travels across the country, investigating both the plague and the Mortecarni, Maurice questions how such unholy suffering is possible. When his own family is struck down, his beliefs falter. Can he regain his faith and save both England and himself?

Read an excerpt: The Mortecarni

Available Here

Revelation: The Mortecarni Part Two

The year is 1349. Both the Black Death and the mortecarni continue their devastating path of destruction across England. Brother Maurice has reason to believe he’s found a cure for the mortecarni until a new discovery suggests otherwise, sending the physician monk and his friends through Europe to Poland in a desperate race to end the undead menace once and for all.

Meeting an intriguing young healer leads to further revelations that offer hope for their quest. But time is short and, when tragedy strikes, Maurice faces a moral dilemma. Can he ignore the challenge to his calling caused by his new companion’s presence? And can he find the cure for the mortecarni before all is lost?

Read an excerpt: Revelation: Mortecarni Part Two – Excerpt

Available Here

Copyright Kelly Evans (2022)

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