Mind Your Manors

Are you a young wife and find yourself having to run a manor for the first time? Or perhaps you’re an old pro wanting to keep up with the latest trends in medieval food, decorating, and pets?  Or a single gentleman trying to understand today’s woman? Look no further! Lady Matilda, renowned for her talent in languages, embroidering, and figures, has compiled all of her favourite ideas and recommendations for managing your medieval manor in one handy place!

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Lady Matilda’s Guide to the Stars

Lady Matilda’s Guide to Celebrating Easter During the Black Death

Lady Matilda’s Guide to Home Health

Foolish Endeavours: Lady Matilda’s Guide to All Fool’s Day Pranks

Lady Matilda’s Guide to New Year Resolutions

Lady Matilda Answers Reader Questions

Lady Matilda’s Guide to Celebrating All Hallow’s Evening During the Black Death

Medieval Meandering: Lady Matilda’s Guide to Travelling During the Black Death

Pitching Medieval Woo: Lady Matilda’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

From Ale to Wassail: Lady Matilda’s Guide to Surviving a Medieval Christmas

Art and the Manor: Heretical or Fabulous?

Domestic Bestiary: A Medieval Guide to Buying A Pet

Medieval Medicine: What to Expect When You’re Expectorating

Medieval Millennials: Career Advice for Medieval Parents

Entertaining During the Black Death: A Wife’s Guide to Meals, Mood, and Miasma

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