Paintings Referred to in Unfinished: The Inspired Life of Elisabetta Sirani

Elisabetta Sirani did over 200 paintings in her lifetime, as well as thousands of drawings and etchings. Below are a few of the works referred to in her story. While I’d love to include many more, not all of Sirani’s work is in the public domain so I’ve included only those which are.

Baptism of Christ. Oil on Canvas. 1658. Church of St. Girolama della Certosa.
Study for Baptism of Christ. 1658.
Self-Portrait as Allegory of Painting. 1658. Pushkin Museum, Moscow.
Judith Triumphant. 1658. Burghley House, Stamford.
Timoclea of Thebes Throwing the Captain of Alexander the Great into the Well. 1659. Museo de Capodimonte, Naples.
Vincenzo Ferdinando Ranuzzi as Cupid. 1663. National Museum of Warsaw.
Allegory of Justice, Charity, and Prudence (Allegory of Medici Good Government). 1664. Comune di Vignola, Modena.
Study for Allegory of Medici Good Government. 1664.
Portia Wounding her Thigh. 1664. Collezioni d’Arte e di Storia della Fondazione della Cassa di Risparmio, Bologna.
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