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Born in Canada of Scottish extraction, Kelly graduated in History and English from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. After graduation Kelly moved to the UK where she worked in the financial sector. While in London she continued her studies in history, focussing on Medieval England and the Icelandic Sagas (with a smattering of Old Norse and Old English).

Kelly now lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband Max and two rescue cats (Bear and Wolf). She still works in the financial sector as a trade technology project manager. Her short stories have been published in numerous magazines and E-zines as well as a horror anthology, where her Fourteenth Century horror story was received with enthusiasm.

When not writing Kelly enjoys reading history books, silversmithing, playing oboe and medieval recorder, and watching really bad horror and old sci-fi movies. She is currently working on the second book in her Anglo-Saxon series, set in the years prior to the Norman invasion.

Take a look at Ten Short Facts About Kelly Evans

Kelly’s work includes:

The Northern Queen

The Northern Queen is Kelly Evans’ first novel. Meticulously researched, the novel takes place in the early eleventh century and tells the story of Aelfgifu of Northampton, a woman lost to the pages of history. Until now.

Available Here: USA, Canada, and United Kingdom

Read an excerpt

The Mortecarni


For Brother Maurice, a monk and physician, the disease is the most terrifying he’s ever seen. But Maurice soon learns of an even more deadly threat: the exanimate Mortecarni. After his first unexpected encounter with the creatures, Maurice is pulled into a world of savagery and secrecy. As he travels across the country, investigating both the plague and the Mortecarni, Maurice questions how such unholy suffering is possible. When his own family is struck down, his beliefs falter. Can he regain his faith and save both England and himself?

Available in USA, UK, and Canada

Read an excerpt

The Confessor’s Wife (Coming 2018)

Edith Godwinsdottir of Wessex is wealthy, educated, the daughter of a powerful family, and destined to marry a nobleman. But her family sets its sights on the highest prize of all, the king himself.

Not everyone in England approves of King Edward’s decision to marry the Godwin girl. Wary of the family’s rise, the king’s mother, Emma of Normandy, despises her daughter-in-law, as do other high-ranking members of court. And Queen Edith is soon on the receiving end of their wrath.

Facing murder, betrayal, and treachery, the king must balance his personal desires against the political ambitions of his earls. No one is safe, and dynasties will rise and fall in the violent and unstable political battlefield that is the Court of England.

Can Edith navigate the dangerous path fate has set her, while still remaining loyal to both her husband and her family?

13 comments on “About

  1. Andy says:

    Hi Kelly, just wondered if there are plans to release your book for kindle? Or will it remain as a book?
    (Will your book remain a book? Sounds stupid, but you know what I mean 🙂 )

  2. Andy says:

    Hi Kelly, just finished reading your book and loved it. Very impressed. Left a review on Goodreads and Amazon UK. Look forward to the next one. 🙂

  3. david lewsey says:

    kelly congrats on great success. Please get Max to drop a line to his godfather. … we’ve all lost too many contacts which is daft in this dsy and age

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