Northern Queen Info

An excerpt from The Northern Queen, as well as maps, characters and a glossary.

Excerpt from The Northern Queen

Map of Key Locations

List of Characters


Praise for The Northern Queen:

“This book has it all…heroines, villains, battles, love and hate! Adventures and political scheming abound! And, importantly for me, no anachronisms. Kelly Evans knows her history and is a gifted storyteller.” – Amazon Customer

“This is a fine debut novel, very well written and a smooth read.” – Mercedes Rochelle, Author

“A great read. This is a excellent first novel by a Canadian historian, and more is planned for this time period.” – Canadian Bookworm Review (for full review see: Here)

“This is Evans’ first book and a great start to what will be a promising career as an author of Anglo-Saxon fiction.” – (for full review see: Here)

“For one who often reads historical fiction of this period, The Northern Queen stands up well. A great debut novel. Recommended.” – Goodreads Author

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