The Mortecarni



(Cover designed by Ashraf E. Shalaby)

7 Facts About the Black Death

Excerpt from The Mortecarni


Praise for The Mortecarni:

“Treat yourself. Buy The Mortecarni and enjoy!!” – Amazon Customer

“This book is a well-written and well researched story that takes readers on a new kind of journey through the horror of uprising of the undead!” – Michelle Lowe

“Zombie apocalypse set in the Dark Ages. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Wonderfully fun.” – Amazon Customer

“Zombies are not my usual reading material, but this book is so well written that I enjoyed every minute!” – Amazon Customer



The Mortecarni – Available in USA, UK, and Canada

2 comments on “The Mortecarni

  1. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t realise that your next book wasn’t a sequel to the Northern Queen. Don’t usually like horror but thought the excerpt was very gripping.

    • Kelly Evans says:

      I’m working on the sequel at the moment, it’ll be about Edith of Wessex and Edward the Confessor. Mort is actually historic horror, I write horror short stories and thought I’d do a novel. It IS historic horror tho, so keeping my oar in the history waters! 😛

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