The Black Death


Think you know everything about the Black Death? Check out my ‘7 Facts About the Black Death’ to test your knowledge!

7 Facts About the Black Death


I’ve written two novels that take place during the Black Death in Europe in 1348, The Mortecarni and Revelation.





In The Mortecarni we meet Brother Maurice, the physician monk tasked by the pope to investigate occurrences of both the plague AND the mortecarni, undead creatures who display similar symptoms to the Black Death.







Revelation tells the continuing (but stand-alone) tale of Brother Maurice et al, and his fight to find the cure for the mortecarni. A young healer in Poland aids Maurice on his quest but can he ignore the challenge to his calling caused by his new companion’s presence.


Praise for The Mortecarni and Revelation:

“Treat yourself. Buy The Mortecarni and enjoy!!” – Amazon Customer

“This book is a well-written and well researched story that takes readers on a new kind of journey through the horror of uprising of the undead!” – Michelle Lowe

“Zombie apocalypse set in the Dark Ages. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Wonderfully fun.” – Goodreads Reader

“Zombies are not my usual reading material, but this book is so well written that I enjoyed every minute!” – Amazon Customer

“A well researched, and most interesting take on the zombie story.” – Goodreads Reader

“As a follow-up to The Mortecarni, I couldn’t have asked for more.” – Amazon Customer


Excerpt from The Mortecarni

Excerpt from Revelation

The Mortecarni – Available Here

Revelation – Available Here

2 thoughts on “The Black Death

  1. Didn’t realise that your next book wasn’t a sequel to the Northern Queen. Don’t usually like horror but thought the excerpt was very gripping.

    1. I’m working on the sequel at the moment, it’ll be about Edith of Wessex and Edward the Confessor. Mort is actually historic horror, I write horror short stories and thought I’d do a novel. It IS historic horror tho, so keeping my oar in the history waters! 😛

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