Lady Matilda’s Reading List


Darling Readers, it may surprise you to learn that even someone as educated and informed as your own dear Lady Matilda must still keep abreast of the current fashions and decorating trends. Now, you, too can share in my literary journey, starting with the publications below:




One of my favourite things to read while supervising the servants on laundry day is Manor Life Magazine. Packed with tips on everything from new planting patterns to the latest aprons from the continent, this magazine is a MUST read for any good wife. And the double summer issue is now out!







I recommend Tapestry Times to all of my friends and acquaintances, especially those with young daughters. If you really want to master your craft, this magazine is for you.







My little weekly treat to myself, I adore Hello! Wessex. The interviews are terribly insightful and the editorials often thought-provoking.







(Rather disturbingly, I discovered THIS piece of refuse under my darling son Geoffrey’s bed. I only include it here so that other mother’s may be on the lookout for such filth.)







Copyright © 2019 Kelly Evans

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