Wicked Deeds

Gentle reader, listen closely,

To these stories – lessons, mostly,

Abject children and their needs,

Evil parents, evil deeds.

Who meet their ends without a laurel,

Read these tales and learn a moral.

John’s dad beat him every night,

Didn’t care about John’s fright.

One night John’s dad went too far,

So John pushed dad beneath a car.

Hannah’s mum ignored her needs,

Had no praise for Hannah’s deeds.

Spurned poor Hannah’s woes and cares,

Hannah pushed her down the stairs.

Donny’s aunt thought pain was grand,

Stuck a needle in his hand.

Gouged his belly with a key,

‘Till Don put arsenic in her tea.

Claire’s dad burned her with cigars,

Left poor Claire with awful scars.

Laughed and chuckled when Claire wept,

So poor Claire torched him while he slept.

Mummy brushed her daughter’s tresses,

Gave her dolls and frilly dresses.

Tired of being a girl was Jake,

He stabbed his mummy with a rake.

Walter’s parents left him home,

Every day he was alone.

Things were bad, his life was dire,

Until he set their house on fire.

That’s the end, these tales you’ve earned,

I hope you have a lesson learned.

Read them through and read them slow,

And never cause your children woe.

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