Vikings & Anglo Saxons


Have you ever wondered what life was like in Tenth and Eleventh Century England? Below are articles that’ll help you to understand the period in which my novels The Northern Queen and The Confessor’s Wife are set:


History Channel’s Vikings & The Northern Queen: Part 1 – Rollo’s Descendants

History Channel’s Vikings & The Northern Queen: Part 2 – Ragnar Lothbrok’s Descendants

Aelfgifu of Northampton & Emma of Normandy: Strong Women in a Man’s World

Ten Interesting (I hope) Facts About the Vikings

Swear Like a Viking – A (Very) Short History of Early Medieval Swearing

Anglo-Saxon Medicine: Not ALL Leeches and Cow Dung

A Brief Introduction to Animals in Norse Mythology

Berserkers: Valuable Military Resource or Drug-Addled Thugs?

Canute and the Waves – A Misunderstood Story

Eadric Streona: An Eleventh Century Villain



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