Ten Short Facts About Kelly Evans

  1. I write horror and historical fiction. One of my novels has no words in it that are newer than 1400. Anything that didn’t already exist in 1400 was edited out. Yes, I really did that.
  2. I am descended from Vikings. No, seriously, I had my DNA tested. Before you think I’m a weirdo, it was done by the National Geographic Genographic Project.
  3. I play oboe. I also play guitar and medieval recorder and a few other things. I was born with that same ear thing Mozart had, so I can pick up any instrument and pretty much just play. I had no idea this was unusual until I was in my teens, I thought everyone could do it. The only thing I have never been able to play is the harmonica. This drives me a little nuts.
  4. I was on the varsity fencing team while at university and we won the bronze medal that year. I continued fencing when I moved to England, it’s how I met my hubby (fencing behind the insect gallery at the Natural History Museum).
  5. While doing my Masters degree, I studied Old Norse. Strangely, this was before I found out about my Viking heritage.
  6. I sometimes tweet in Middle (Chaucerian) English. Because Shakespearian English is just too damned easy!
  7. I have a really bad stationery habit. When I get stressed, I buy notebooks. Many many notebooks. And I write with a fountain pen, all the time.
  8. I work in finance. I’m a business analyst working in Capital Markets. If you understand that and want to get in touch, I’m on LinkedIn.
  9. I include people I know in my stories. Friends, family, colleagues. There’s a woman I work with, has a fantastic name, I put her in my short story about Jack the Ripper. No, she didn’t die.
  10. I like bees. I’ve seeded my entire lawn with white clover and even have a tattoo of a bee on my person.

5 thoughts on “Ten Short Facts About Kelly Evans

  1. Where can I find this Jack the Ripper story? With a cool touch of serendipity I’ve just finished reading a great book about this dastardly anonymous figure.

  2. I enjoyed that, Kelly. I like the unusual, different take-the story as witnessed from the lodging house’s perspective.

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