Short Stories & Poems


The Adler Street Boarding House – Jack the Ripper in his downtime

Bedlam – What happens when the famous hospital fights back?

Hermeline – A tragic poem

Henry and Alice – A love story

Witch – Magic with a sense of humour

Togetherness – A mother’s grief

VooDon”t – More magic, this time NO sense of humour

Bedroom Eyes – A short story about a lonely guy

Lament of the Icons – What do famous slasher movie icons talk about?

Wicked Deeds – A cautionary poem

The Midnight Drowning – A poem, more caution


A Certain Man – That rascal Rasputin

The Chieftain’s Daughter – Does what needs to be done

Burnt Einar – Honouring the old ways

The Selkie – A tragedy

The Kappa – Respect your elders

The St John-Smythes:

(The St John-Smithe stories are inspired by H H Munro aka Saki. If you haven’t read his work, do it. Now. I’ll wait.)

The Right Way to Write – There IS a correct way, according to Constance

Bad Food – When dinner rebels

Fern’s Rabbit – Someone check on grandfather

The Dangers of Vacationing Abroad – You never know when a black hole will ruin your day

Pirates – Frederick runs into a spot of bother

Politics – Frederick runs for office

Grandfather’s Big Adventure – It’s not really all that big

Nativity – Frederick’s theatrical debut

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