P Mattern

Writing Prompt: You have an itch on your head that, no matter how you scratch it, it never goes away. One day you notice something moving underneath your skin where it’s itchy.



(Image copyright Thomas Jefferson University)


The Itch

Who goes to Hawaii and gets hit on the head with a coconut?

This girl apparently.

I’d had to get stitches and comb my hair differently to hide the wound. It was no way to end a vacation.

By the time I got stateside it was an itchy inflamed bump. It itched maddeningly, and I realized that it seemed to be vibrating like a muted cell phone. It created a maddening buzzing in my head.

The third night I awakened scratching madly. I felt movement under my sensitive fingertips.

Turning on the light I froze to see newly hatched flies.


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