Kid’s Books – K A Evans

The Mysterious Manuscript: Gaby’s Ghosts Book Two

Gaby’s back and so are her ghosts!

Last time it was an ancient Egyptian ghost named Kesi. This time, when Gaby gets too close to an old Japanese manuscript, a ghost named Akemi appears. And Akemi wants justice. The boy shows Gaby visions of his life in medieval Japan, and of the shameful downfall of his family. But Gaby realizes something is not right with the story.

Once again, Gaby and her friend Jacob must delve into the past. Can they decipher the visions and secret haikus and restore honour to Akemi and his family?

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The Nefarious Necklace: Gaby’s Ghosts Book One

Ghosts are pesky things, and ten year old Gaby Brown would like to get rid of hers.

After Gaby touches an old necklace at her local museum, the menacing spirit of an ancient Egyptian girl named Kesi appears. The ghost wants something. And she wants it now! When Kesi threatens Gaby’s family, Gaby knows she must do something. But what? How can she stop a ghost? Gaby and her friend, Jacob, delve into Egypt’s past and realise there’s more to the necklace than they thought.

Can they unravel the clues and help Kesi before the ghost gets REALLY angry?

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The Drums of Dundurn

Minnie MacNab is the only one in her entire family who hears the drums. And has the dreams. Each night while she sleeps, Minnie sees a boy her own age, dressed in skins, with long black hair braided down his back. She learns his name: Miigwaans.

Then the dreams start to happen during the day, bringing with them something else: a shadow man, dark and evil. When the shadow man attacks Miigwaans, Minnie knows she needs to do something. But how can she stop a dream? And how can she help a ghost?

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Reader Comments:

“This book is truly amazing. The historical aspect isn’t overwhelming and is well-balanced with the supernatural aspect. When it comes to historical fiction, Kelly Evans is one of my favorites.”

“This is a beautiful story that would appeal to both girls and boys. 5 stars.”

“Drums of Dundurn is excellent reading for anyone & especially engaging in the classroom!”

Copyright Kelly Evans (2021)

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