Josh and Jenny







Let me tell you all a story
(With an ending somewhat gory);
About the deeds of two best friends,
and how they met their tragic ends.

Josh and Jenny, friends since birth,
For each other they’d move the earth;
Jen like a sister, Josh a brother,
Never one without the other.

All through school they’d stuck together,
Supporting through all stormy weather;
Josh was Jenny’s shining knight,
Jenny Josh’s guiding light.

Until one day while still in school,
Josh began to play the fool;
Hung with people not so nice,
Who got Josh into woe and vice.

Making fun of other youths,
Telling teachers gross untruths;
Smoking, drinking, skipping class,
While Jen berates him, our poor lass.

Jenny tries to set Josh straight,
Hoping that it’s not too late;
Alas for Jen, it’s all in vain,
Josh, he hurts her, time again.

With his wicked friends and deeds,
Jenny he no longer needs;
So Jen watches from afar,
Until the night Josh stole a car.

He drives to Jen’s house with his loot,
Showing off, he acts the brute;
Jen decides she’s had enough,
She knows it’s time for getting tough.

Josh and Jenny start to fight,
Jenny scared and Josh uptight;
Josh runs carward, looking grim,
Jenny, worried, follows him.

The friends take off, still yelling loud,
This the worst they’ve ever rowed;
Jen begs Josh to mend his ways,
But Josh defends his stealing craze.

They argue loud and neither sees,
The warning sign amongst the trees;
Too late they look, alas, no good,
The car careens and hits the wood;

Jen’s not belted, has to yield,
She flies right through the window shield.
Across the hood her body flies,
And in a tangled mess it lies.

Upon the woody forest floor,
While Josh is pinned beneath a door;
But with a stretch his friend he spies,
He sees the light fade from her eyes.

They buried Jenny one week later,
Josh rued the day he ever made her,
Angry at him, made her beg,
Now Josh must live with just one leg.

The other one, it lies beneath,
All the trouble, sorrow, grief,
It lies with Jenny in the ground,
Forever lost under her mound.