Listen reader, to my tale
About a girl called Jewel;
And all the things t’were done to her
By her ‘friends’ at school.

Despite her name this lonely girl
Was very very plain;
The only way she shined at all
Was through her clever brain.

She aced in math, excelled in French
And did the best in art;
She tried her best to befriend all
(She had a great big heart).

But sadly at poor Jewel’s school
There was a girly mob,
Who hated Jewel and all her skills
To cause pain was their job.

They started yelling insults dire
Abuse they loved to hurl;
The disrespect came everyday
And hurt our little girl.

This gang of girls did not stop there
(Although they had a ball!)
They wanted more, they acted worse
And pushed Jewel down the hall.

They stole her schoolwork, tore it up
And made fun of her clothes;
They laughed and taunted, called her names
And caused Jewel many woes.

They sneered at Jewel and made her cry
One day she’d had enough;
Although abuse had made her weep
It also made her tough.

Jewel decided late one night
She couldn’t take the steam;
She sat down with her pen in hand
To plot a little scheme.

She read some books and watched TV
And many plans did vet;
Jewel found what she was looking for
Upon the internet.

She worked real hard, her prize in mind
And with a hand so steady;
Eventually she reached the end
Her plan was finally ready.

The next week was the big event
A football game at school;
Attending were those horrid girls
The ones who had been cruel.

Our heroine had planned real well
Her plot was fully loaded;
And during halftime fun and games
The football stand exploded!

Not one girl in that evil gang
Survived the blast that day;
Our darling little bullied girl
Had finally got her way.

So this is it, the end is here
So listen to this fully;
The moral of this tale my friends:
Be careful who you bully.