Hello there!

So I’m terrible at blogging (my last post was April, it’s now November). Those of you who wander past my pages will have noticed that. Just awful. But I thought I’d add a brief note to let you know what I’ve been up to.

Aelfgifu’s Time: I finished my novel about an 11th century noblewoman caught up in the last throes of viking attacks in England. She was Cnut the Great’s first wife, barely remembered by history but a fascinating person. I’ve queried and discovered that there’s very little interest in either this woman or this period of history. Nary a nibble in sight, sparing a single agent who is reading my full (and who, to be honest, I had given up on). But a post on a Facebook site introduced me to a small publisher who specialises Norse stories (see below) and I gave it a go. We’re still talking and editing but so far so good!

The Mortecarni: I was done with this book, all queried out to a literary world that’s all zombie’d out. But once again a small note on a Facebook page introduced me to a small publisher in my own backyard, one who is looking for horror/zombie novels. I queried them and they asked to read the full manuscript! It’s definitely worth paying attention to social media sites, using them for a specific purpose (and not just to flash your ass at the world).

Short stories: the publisher looking at Aelfgifu’s Time was originally looking for short stories of a norse/fairytale variety for an anthology. Two of my stories have been accepted for the anthology, I’m terribly excited!



Stuff in general: I’ve not written much lately, started a new job etc etc. Life. But I spent today looking through a few short stories, tidying them up and submitting them. Fingers crossed, tenacity pays in this business. And how, as Porky? Alfalfa? would say. Hmm, really gotta look that up.

That’s all, I hope you’re all doing well, big pats on backs to those doing NaNo, I admire you guys and sincerely hope it pays dividends.

I’ll leave you with a teensy story.

Talk to you soon,


Breakfast With Buddha

I savoured my second coffee, welcoming the sly stimulation. Siddhartha sipped his chai tea, humming serenely to himself.

I interrupted. “So, what’s it all about then, eh?”

The Buddha smiled and replied, “Life is suffering, my friend. Only when you release the hold that the material world has on you will you be ready for further contemplation.”

I just shook my head and got up. “I have to go.”

“Do you?”

I grinned. “You never give up, do you?”

His sparkling laugh filled the room. “Never.”

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