Welcome 2014!

Welcome to the world, 2014. I’m sure you’ll be a good year, and play nice with all of the other children.

On this, your very first day, I’d like to discuss a few things, mainly what I expect of you in your duties.

First of all, I expect you to provide me with an agent. I know, I know, I still have to put in the all the work, do my research, approach the right person with the right query about the right book. But still, how about a bone, huh?

Second, I expect that you’ll see that I’m writing at least an hour a day. No, don’t complain, this is important. I’m working again and once I get home I am very easily distracted (aren’t we all?!). So I’m hoping that, again, you’ll cut me some slack and find less for me to focus on so I can get more writing done.

Third, and last, I’m hoping you’ll help me with this new thing I’m trying out in my writing: focus on the story, not the word count. All 2013 seemed to ever want was to think about how many words, am I writing enough words, does this chapter have enough words etc. Well, 2013 is gone now. It’s just us. You and me. So what do you say? Help a girl out here?

That’s it, 2014. You’re off on your own now, free to do as you will. Fly fast and true and help all of the writers. Please.

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