Hi, I’m Kelly, Nice to Meet You!

I haven’t blogged in a while, been too caught up in research for my next book to pay much attention to anything else, husband and eating included (I lost a few pounds and look great but hubby is a bit disgruntled by the lack of attention). But I’ve been tweeting and I’ve got new followers (something that I still find a wee bit uncomfortable, people following ME!? Why would they do that?!) so I thought I’d introduce myself and say hello.


I’ve not got a lot to say today so for new people who don’t know much about me, here’s a random list of facts I posted earlier this year. Lazy blogging? Perhaps. But it saves you from having to scroll through post after post. So here we go:

1. I write horror and historical fiction. My most recent novel has no words in it that are newer than 1400. Anything that didn’t already exist in 1400 was edited out. Yes, I really did that.

2. I am descended from Vikings. No, seriously, I had my DNA tested. Before you think I’m a weirdo, it was done by the National Geographic Genographic Project.

3. I play oboe. I also play guitar and medieval recorder and a few other things. I was born with that same ear thing Mozart had, so I can pick up any instrument and pretty much just play. I had no idea this was unusual until I was in my teens, I thought everyone could do it. The only thing I have never been able to play is the harmonica. This drives me a little nuts.

4. I was on the varsity fencing team while at university and we won the bronze medal that year. I continued fencing when I moved to England, it’s how I met my hubby (fencing behind the insect gallery at the Natural History Museum).

5. While doing my masters degree, I studied Old Norse. Strangely, this was before I found out about my Viking heritage.

6. I sometimes tweet in Middle (Chaucerian) English. Because Shakespearian English is just too damned easy!

7. I have a really bad stationery habit. When I get stressed, I buy notebooks. Many many notebooks. And I write with a fountain pen, all the time.

8. I work in finance. I’m a business analyst working in Capital Markets. If you understand that and want to get in touch, I’m on LinkedIn.

That’s about it for now, I hope to get into a regular schedule of posting messages and blogs. For now, it looks as though I can take the afternoon off of work. So my big decision today is: run errands or sit in comfy living room and watch The Tudors (my guilty pleasure!) and eat popcorn. What to do, what to do…

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3 comments on “Hi, I’m Kelly, Nice to Meet You!

  1. Max Parse says:

    Hey Kelly,

    Nice to finally learn more about you…We have something in common.

    The fountain pens! Love them too.
    Also, I had a feeling you would be into fencing! I used to fence too. Saber was my thing… BTW, I love history and elements of horror in a story.

    The similarities end with the music thing though. Tone deaf here, unfortunately. It is unlikely I am a Viking either.

    How is that Richard III alien project coming along? Hopefully germinating comfortably. Keep me posted.


    PS. Visit my blog for some random musings and observations.

    • kellyewrites says:

      Hey! I actually handwrite all of my short stories and most of my novels. Just love the sound they make scratching on the paper. Started in uni and haven’t gone back to any other pen. I fenced Epee, I was on the varsity team in uni, we got the Bronze that year. Oops.

      I’ve been a member of the Richard III society for nearly 15 years now so we can say the research is pretty much done on that side. Don’t expect much tho’! I’ve just started writing an Anglo Saxon historical fiction. AND I was contacted my an online mag about writing some flash fiction for them. Busy bee, me. But not so busy that I’m not gonna go and visit your blog now!

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