Versatile Blogger Award


Thank you thank you thank you to Rhiann Wynn-Nolet for this lovely badge!

It’s my first one and while totally undeserved I’m terribly pleased. So here’s my extra credit work Rhiann.

According to the rules, I must:

1. Thank and link to the person who gave me the award.
2. Tell seven facts about myself.
3. Pass it on to seven other bloggers.
4. Link to specific posts on their blogs to they’ll be notified by pingback.

I’ll tackle item 4 first. Because I am a blog doofus sometimes (*cough*most of the time*cough*) and do not know how pingback works, I’ll also notify my choices via twitter.

Item 3: I WILL do this, I just have to figure out my seven! So many great bloggers out there!

Seven facts about me:

1. I am descended from Vikings. No, seriously, I had my DNA tested. Before you think I’m a weirdo, it was done by the National Geographic Genographic Project.

2. I play oboe. I also play guitar and medieval recorder. Actually, I was born with that same ear thing Mozart had, so I can pick up any instrument and pretty much just play. I had no idea this was unusual until I was in my teens, I thought everyone could do it. The only thing I have never been able to play is the harmonica. This drives me a little nuts.

3. I was on the varsity fencing team while at university and we won the bronze medal that year. I continued fencing when I moved to England, it’s how I met my hubby (fencing behind the insect gallery at the Natural History Museum).

4. While doing my masters degree, I studied Old Norse. Strangely, this was before I found out about my Viking heritage.

5. I sometimes tweet in Middle (Chaucerian) English. Because Shakespearian English is just too damned easy!

6. I have a really bad stationery habit. When I get stressed, I buy notebooks. And I write with a fountain pen, my most beautiful and expensive cost me about 500 pounds sterling.

7. I write horror and historical fiction. My most recent novel has no words in it that are newer than 1400. Anything that didn’t already exist in 1400 was edited out. Yes, I really did that.

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One comment on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. sugaropal says:

    I KNEW you’d have fascinating morsels to share about yourself! And I just adore the image of how you and your hubs met. Seriously jealous of your musical ability because all I can do successfully is listen…

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