Writing and my Poor Brain

The Lone Peach Year

I started by writing short stories, as we all did. Sneaking a story in the back of English class, hoping the teacher would think I was working on the Shakespeare she was teaching, badly. I never had the same problem with the bard as other people in my class did, so could finish the work easily. I DID sit at the back of the classroom and I DID write what ended up being a series of short stories (I guess we’d call them Flash fiction now) based on fictional characters I had created with a friend. We were now reading Pygmalion and I came up with Figmalion, evil fig, who was constantly kidnapping Peggy Apple and tying her to railway tracks. To the rescue would come the Lone Peach and Tonto Apricot. And helping out was a cast of characters based on schoolfriends. Horrible things would happen to these people, depending on my mood. I would write these stories in last period of the day and leave them in my friend’s locker. She would then read them to her homeroom class the next morning. Soon, I had a following. I loved it, secretly.

Attempts at Novels

So yeah, I started with short stories. Moving to books was a completely different mindset, a different set of habits and way of thinking. My first book was awful. Just completely, dreadfully awful. My second book is still unfinished, as I moved from the UK back to Canada and sort of lost the ‘feel’ for it. My third book was a project for my masters in creative writing and by the end of the couse I was SO sick of the stupid book that I never finished. Through all this I continued to write short stories. And began to have them accepted for publishing.

I now switch between short stories and novels. I wrote ‘Elizabeth: Path to the Throne’ and pitched it for a while, unsuccessfully. I couldn’t settle into another novel so went back to short stories. It’s like taking a little vacation, short sharp projects that can be written and edited within a week, depending on the story. No long term planning or outlines. Just storytelling. Awesome.

Exciting Update Stuff

Speaking of storytelling, I got a rather nice personalised rejection from an agent for my latest book, The Mortecarni. I posted this on twitter and received an email from a online rejection magazine, would I like to write about my experience of getting this rare type of rejection. I said yes and wouldn’t you know it, my story about rejection for a rejection website was rejected! Oh the irony. Apparently it just wasn’t personal enough. Well, okay, but I AM a fiction writer.

I learned this week that I’m having another short story published, an old story that I’ve been cleaning up. It’s a special story to me and I’m thrilled to have it out there. I’ll include a link to the site when it’s up.

That’s about it for my update, still querying and working on my next novel, Cares of Kings. Thanks for reading.


PS for those wondering, I ended up getting a 98% for the year in that English class. And the first few pieces for my writer platform.

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