Writing Again!

Well, after a few weeks of creative block, I’m finally back on the medieval war horse and writing again. Okay, I DID have pneumonia and it DID seem to affect my brain somewhat (ie attention span of a goldfish) but still, I expected more from my brain.

But I’m feeling much better now and have started to research my new book. Thanks to a kind and generous and amazing friend I have access to a large database of historical information, making the research this time around easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Today I completed the first outline of my new book, tentatively titled “Cares of Kings” and am feeling excited about writing again.

I’m bringing back two characters from The Mortecarni, for which I’m still receiving and awaiting feedback from literary agents. While I wait Brother Maurice and Hugh Maynet are being put to work in 1375. King Edward III’s queen Phillipa sends Maurice on a journey to investigate rumours that evil King John’s treasure, lost for over 150 years, has been discovered. Maurice takes a knight, Hugh, for protection, and a young squire, Roland. Brother Maurice’s investigations reveal an astonishing secret, one that could potentially affect the course of the Hundred Year’s War.

I have to say, the oddest part of working out this story was the number of times I had to use a calculator. Mr Burlinson, my old highschool math teacher, would be shocked (I hate math, he teaches math and we didn’t really get along). Next, fill out the outline, work on a basic chapter breakdown and get to the word crafting.

Stay tuned…

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