Thank you!

It occurred to me that this would be the perfect place to thank everyone who helped me with my book The Mortecarni. It’s nice to indulge myself sometimes and imagine my book on a shelf, with a lovely cover and a blurb on the back about me. Also imagined is the acknowledgements page. So, in the likely case that Mortecarni never sees the light of day, here are the acknowledgements I would have included:

It was fun writing Mortecarni but it never would have appeared on shelves without the help of a lot of people. (insert grateful thanks to agent, editor, agent’s assistant, editor’s assistant, marketing people, and I’m sure lots of other official types). Helping me with the actual writing tho’ was a great group of friends.

Max – I asked him to be super critical, with style, structure, silliness and grammar/spelling. He obliged wonderfully, often apologising for remarks or comments that he deemed harsh. Which was so sweet because that’s actually what I wanted.
Robyn – beta reader supreme, probably nicer than she should have been but great at helping with the sometimes wildly inaccurate plot points I came up with.
Allan – for someone I only met once this man was just amazing when it came to helping me out with the developing MS. He DID marry my aunt so he’s obviously got very refined taste.
Aline and Grim – one helped out early, the other came late but both were greatly appreciated.
Mo – for the mad conversation that led to the short story that led to the book.

Lots of others dropped in and out of the process and I’m so grateful that they did. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Kelly Evans

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