Rob the Cyber Freak






Rob McKinlay, boy of boys,
Played with all the latest toys,
Xbox, Gameboy, flat TV,
All the greatest toys had he.

But the best of these by god,
Was his shiny new iPod,
All day long the music blared,
Headphones on, he sat and stared.

Ignoring everyone around,
Hearing nothing but the sound,
Of the music in his ear,
At the warnings he would sneer.

“You’ll lose your hearing,” mother said,
But Rob ignored her, just saw red,
“You’re being rude,” his dad complained,
But no agreement could be gained.

He had his music day and night,
But then one morning had a fright,
The headphones he had worn for years,
Had melted right into his ears.

Despite his cries he knew he could,
Not take them off, they’re there for good,
The headphones he could not put down,
But it was worse than that he found.

His iPod and its pocket clip,
Had fused itself onto his hip,
He yelled out loud, a mighty shriek,
But Rob was now a Cyber-Freak.

And from his lips there was no doubt,
Instead of words, songs flowed right out!
iPod cables, headphone pin,
Were now a part of Robert’s skin.

His friends are all afraid of him,
What started as a youthful whim,
Was now a horror here to stay,
So take the headphones off each day.

Learn from Rob, put down your toy,
Or you will be a robot boy.

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